• Matt Hughes

Introducing Easy Visa Law

I'm excited to announce a new website that I just launched: EasyVisaLaw.com

I created the site because it's a bit different from the full-service immigration law that I provide over here at Hughes Immigration. I saw a need for a new type of sevice because traditional immigration law wasn’t a good fit for some of my clients. Often, their cases were uncomplicated, but they still had important questions. I wanted to find a way for people with uncomplicated cases to get quality legal advice for less, making it accessible to a much larger group.

At EasyVisaLaw.com, I provide my normal (or unusually) high standard of legal advice at discounted rates by offering customized guides to the visa or green card process. Each guide contains all the information you need to complete your visa or green card journey, as well as information that is specific to each client's situation. Each guide also includes an hour or more of my time so that clients can ask any questions they have along the way. If someone finds they need more time, I guarantee a discounted rate.

Currently EasyVisaLaw.com is only offering services for family-based immigration.

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